How Tall Is Andrew Cuomo

How Tall Is Andrew Cuomo? Andrew Cuomo is a politician and lawyer, born and raised in New York. He is 63 years old. Cuomo is known for being the 56th governor of New York. He is also the son of Mario Cuomo, who was another governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo is 5’11” tall!

Early Life

Andrew Cuomo was born in a borough of New York City, Queens, New York, on December 6th, 1957. Cuomo is the son of Mario Cuomo, who was the 52nd governor of New York, and Raffa Cuomo. He was raised by an Italian family. Cuomo has four siblings Margaret Cuomo, Chris Cuomo, Maria Cuomo Cole, and Madeline Cuomo. His brother Chris Cuomo is a journalist for CNN. Andrew Cuomo eventually earned his Juris Doctor degree (JD for short) for practicing law, which is also how he would get started in politics and practicing law.

Early Career

In the year 1982, Cuomo worked for his father as a campaign manager, which helped get Cuomo’s start in politics. He later worked for his father’s office as a senior adviser for two years. Cuomo also worked as the assistant district attorney in New York. He eventually became the chairman of the “New York City Homeless Commission” in 1990 and served until 1993.

Cuomo then worked for “Community Planning and Development”, which was also in 1993. Cuomo eventually started work with the former vice-president, Al Gore, to make policies that help give the homeless more permanent homes. Eventually, in 1997, it was decided that he would become the “US Department of Housing and Urban Development”, (also known as HUD) and stayed until 2001.

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Around this time, Cuomo worked with gun manufacturers to control gun use. Eventually, in 2002, he ran for governor of New York under the Democratic ballot but eventually decided to stop running and removed himself from the election.

Later Career

Cuomo was eventually elected as “Attorney General of New York” in 2006. After serving as Attorney General, Cuomo decided to run as governor again in 2010, winning the election and was re-elected twice, for four-year terms each. During his first term, Cuomo oversaw the same-sex marriage law, which allows people of the same sex to get married. He also did some gun control legislation during his first term as well. Cuomo then saw a property tax cap law and pushed for medical marijuana legislation, which would later be used to push the legalization to use marijuana recreationally.

When he was elected for a second term, Cuomo pushed to increase New York’s minimum wage. Not without controversy, he got into some heat with closing a commission that Cuomo made that sought to fight against corruption in politics. From 2015-2016, he signed “Women’s Equality Bills”. In 2019, Cuomo proposed a plan for gun control, to help fight gun violence in New York. Also in 2019, Cuomo proposed a bill that would aid in fighting domestic terrorism.

If you’re wondering how tall Andrew Cuomo is, he is 5’11” tall (180 cm).

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