How Tall Is George Clooney

Do you want to know how tall is George Clooney? The Kentucky native actor, screenwriter and director is still captivating the hearts of the women. George Clooney height is 5′ 11″ and did you know he has a nickname Gorgeous George? For many years, Nick Clooney, his father, worked as a newscaster on TV. Nick used to bring his kid to the studio quite often. Later in life George worked as a broad cast journalist himself but decided to quit because competing with his own father was not something the future celebrity wanted to do. With a gravelly voice, his beliefs in liberal politics are often reflected in his movies. Playing roles of crooks having qualities that are positive and likeable is his trademark.


George Timothy Clooney was born at Lexington, Kentucky, in USA on 6th of May 1961. He got married to Talia Balsam in 1989 and four years later on September 1993 divorced her. After his unsuccessful marriage Mr. Clooney decided not to get married ever nor have kids. Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer bet ten thousand dollars that before turning 40 he would have a kid.

Early Life

George Clooney’s grandmother and grandfather moved to the North America from Ireland. The future actor was brought up a strict catholic. He’s got an older sister called Adelia; Rafael and Miguel Ferrer happen to be George’s cousins. The actor also is linked with one more musician, Debby Boone, the wife of José Ferrer.

Mr. Clooney started out his schooling at School of Blessed Sacrament in the town of Fort Mitchell. When he was young the actor had to live in Ohio, where he went to the School of St. Michael, and St. Susanna. In high school, George was diagnosed with “Bell’s” palsy, an unbearable disorder that to some extent paralyzes the face area. The illness disappeared after only 12 months. “That is the hardest period of my entire life,” Clooney explained to the “Daily Mirror”. “You realize just how vicious teenagers are. I used to be laughed at, however the suffering helped me develop a strong character. ”

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His family ultimately relocated to Augusta, Kentucky, the place where the future star went to the High School named Augusta. George Clooney has claimed that he received all As well as Bs while being at school, plus was a passionate basketball and baseball player. In 1977 George wanted to play for the Cincinnati Reds, unfortunately he wasn’t given a contract. as the actor failed to pass the physical tests.


“ER” – the famous medical sitcom from the 90s, was the show that made George Clooney really famous. The production was based in Chicago and lasted a whooping 10 years. In 1997 Clooney played the main role in “Batman and Robin”, a sequel to the original “Batman” from 1989. “Out of Sight” with Jennifer Lopez was Clooney’s best movie in 1998. In 2001 he acted in “Ocean’s Eleven” and in early 2004 he acted in its sequel that was titled, “Ocean’s Twelve” starring big names such as Matt Damon and Brad Pitt.

With over thirty films to his credit the sex icon is still going strong. Still not sure how tall is George Clooney, look one line below.

George Clooney height is 5’11″(183cm) Checkout other famous celebrity heights here.

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