How Tall Is Angelina Jolie

Thinking about how tall is Angelina Jolie? The famous actress and current wife of fellow megastar Brad Pitt has been named “the most beautiful woman” by numerous magazines all around the world. Angelina Jolie height is 5 feet and 8 inches. The biggest accomplishment in Jolie’s career is definitely the Academy Award she received in 2000 for “Best Supporting Actress” in the movie “Girl Interrupted”.


Born in 1975 on the 4th of June Angelina Jolie’s parents are Marcheline Bertand and Jon Voight. The talented actress happens to be the younger sister of James Haven an actor in his own right. When Jolie was one year old her parents decided they had enough and split. Angelina and James stayed with Marcheline, who put her own acting career on hold in order to raise her kids.

From very early age Angelina Jolie started watching movies starring mother and eventually revealed the fact that her mother acting skills motivated her to become a movie star. When she turned six her family moved to New York. Five years down the road the household went back to LA. It was at this point when the young Angelina seriously considered taking up acting. Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute was where Jolie took her first professional acting lessons.

Early Life

As soon as Jolie turned 14 she quit going to drama lessons and dreamed of working as a memorial service manager. Jolie was employed as a model, appearing mainly in London, NY and LA. Throughout this specific time period, the future actress dressed in dark-colored clothes and experimented with blades. When her relationship came to an end, she lived in an apartment situated above several feet from where her mother lived. After graduating from school Angelina once again started taking acting lessons.

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Angelina Jolie had periods of depression all through her teenage years to early twenties. The actress was feeling singled out at High School of Beverly Hills. This is understandable as she spent time with the children of the region most affluent families. On the other hand Angelina’s mother had modest income at best. If that was not enough Jolie was frequently harassed by the fellow students, who laughed at her because she was really skinny as well as for having spectacles and orthodontist braces. It was very hard for Jolie to really interact with other individuals, and because of this Jolie began hurting herself. “I gathered blades and constantly had particular items close to me. For whatever reason, the action of hurting myself and also feeling the pain, this was for some reason healing me.” What is more she began experimenting with illegal drugs.


Jolie début as an actress happened in the year 1982. She starred together with his father in the movie “Lookin’ to Get Out”. She next appears in “Cyborg 2”, but it was until 1993 when Jolie got her first leading role in the “Hackers”. Angelina got worldwide recognition for her role as Lara Croft in the blockbuster “Tomb Raider” and established herself among the best paid actresses in the movie industry with the sequel “The Cradle of Life. The gifted actress reinforced her reputation as a leading action star with “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and “Wanted”. You see now why there are so much more interesting questions than “How tall is Angelina Jolie”.

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Angelina Jolie height is 5’8″(172cm). Checkout other famous celebrity heights here.

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