How Tall Is Daniel Radcliffe

Not sure how tall is Daniel Radcliffe? The actor who is most recognized for his role in the movie series “Harry Potter” comes from England and is on the scene since he was 10 years old. Daniel Jacob Radcliffe height is 5’6”. The young actor is rumored to make no less than 20 million dollars a year. However Daniel himself has said numerous times that having money has not changed him one bit.


West London in England is the birthplace of Daniel Radcliffe. He is the sole kid of Alan Radcliffe and Marcia Gresham. His father worked as a publishing agent and his mother is a talent manager who has been a part of many productions that aired on BBC. Essex is where Daniel’s mom is from, she is also happens to be Jewish. The actor’s father is originally from Northern Ireland. Radcliffe initially showed an interest to act when he was five. In December 1999 Daniel’s first ever movie was a fact. He played the lead role in production “David Copperfield” a 2 series version of Dickens’s book.

Radcliffe went to two different educational facilities strictly for boys; the City of London and Sussex House School, both situated in London itself.

Early Life

Immediately after the launch of the 1st “Harry Potter” motion picture, going to school was turning into a problem for the young celebrity, with quite a few fellow students taunting the actor on daily basis. Daniel mentioned it seemed to be individuals simply aiming to “insult the boy who plays the role of Harry Potter” as opposed to envy. As Radcliffe’s job started to fill up his timetable, Daniel persisted with his education and learning by having on-set teachers. The talent publicly stated he certainly wasn’t great at school, thought of it as pointless, nevertheless, the movie star did obtain a near perfect scores during the year 2006.

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However Daniel made a decision to postpone his schooling and decided not to attend university or college. Daniel Radcliffe’s decision to quite educating himself was in fact a good one as he realized his urge to act plus the fact that it is going to be challenging to experience a positive university or college feel. “The media, they’d like it so much,” he explained to “Details” magazine in 2007. “Whenever parties were taking place, the journalists would be told with regards to where they should go”.


Daniel’s very first movie after the “Harry Potter” sequel is the “The Woman in Black”. It is actually a horror movie, based on the book by Susan Hill. The motion picture was launched in 2012 on the third of February. Daniel Radcliffe plays the character of a guy dispatched to handle the legal issues associated with a strange lady who has recently passed away, and shortly afterwards he starts to have weird happenings as well as haunting from the apparition of a female all dressed in dark clothes. Daniel has stated he was in fact “very thrilled” about being involved in the movie and referred to the screenplay as “brilliantly composed”. The Variety magazine has verified that Daniel will certainly take the leading role in the indie production named “The Amateur Photographer”, a movie version of the novel with the exact same title.

The actor is so young and yet so talented, why should we be concern with how tall is Daniel Radcliffe in the first place?

Daniel Radcliffe height is 5’6″(167cm)Checkout other famous celebrity heights here.

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