Height Increasing Stretch Exercises

Use this grow taller stretches now

Short people are always wishing they were a little taller. Especially in a store and the item needed is on the top shelf. They have two options. One they can stand on the bottom shelf and climb like a chimpanzee to reach the top shelf. Or they have to call someone who normally doesn’t show up. Most people decide to take option number one and hope no one they know comes down the aisle. But believe it or not there is a way to stretch that body to add a little height.

To grow taller stretches work beautifully. Generally the human body stops growing around puberty. Stretching exercises can lengthen the spine to grow taller. Stretching the spine can even help people with back problems. As people get older spinal discs can become compressed causing a lot of pain and limiting some everyday normal activities. Stretching the spine can help pull the discs to where they aren’t as compressed. This can also help some problems with curvature of the spine. So which exercises help? Here are a few you can do daily. Not only will they stretch the spine, but they will also help with flexibility.

Height Increasing Stretch Exercises

Standing Forward Bend

While standing, bend down and try to grab your ankles. If you can’t go all the way down that’s alright just go as far as you can and hold it.

Height Increasing Stretch Exercises basic Leg stretches


Basic Leg Stretching

Sit on the floor and put one leg to the left and one to the right. Reach out to either leg and try to grab your ankle. Then repeat on the other leg. Again if you can’t go all the way down, just go as far as possible and hold.

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Height Increasing Stretch Exercises The Bridge

Bridge Stretching

Lay on the floor looking straight up. Bring your feet into where your knees are bent and facing up. Then slowly push your stomach upward as far as possible and hold.

Height Increasing Stretch Exercises Wall Stretches

Wall Stretching

Stand with your back flat against the wall. Get on the tips of your toes and bring your arms up and also against the wall keeping your back flat against the wall. Hold for a few seconds and repeat.

Do these exercises daily and try to do better each time. Slowly but surely this should add a little height you can be proud of, like maybe grow taller an inch.

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