Does Protein Make You Taller?

Genetics primarily contribute to the height of an individual. However, if your body lacks intrinsic nutrients required in growth and development, it can affect your growth statute and limit your height. Taking the proper diet can help you reach your full height and ensure your body is healthy during the first years of growth and development.

The real question is can Protein make you taller?

Certain foods can help support healthy growth and development. Thus we will discuss whether or not Protein can make you taller.

Does Protein Make you Taller?

Protein plays an integral role in growth and development and promotes immune function and the repair of tissues. Ideally, Protein helps increase the levels of insulin-like growth factor 1, which is commonly referred to as IGF-1. The hormone is quite important in regulating growth and development in children.

Also, many protein foods such as beans are rich in iron which helps protect your body against anemia. Iron is essential for tissue growth, and children who suffer from iron deficiency anemia will also suffer delayed development.

Protein helps you to grow taller in the following primary ways:

Increases Growth Hormone Levels

Protein helps to increase growth hormone levels in the body, such as IGF-1, which is entirely intrinsic in the growth and development of children. It allows children to stay lean and increase in height. However, the growth hormones will not increase the height in adults and will increase bone density.

Increase Height in Severely Malnourished Children

If your body lacks basic and essential nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, among others, it will lead to malnourishment. In children, this condition delays appropriate growth and development. Consuming Protein helps in increasing height in malnourished children.

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What are some of the Protein Foods that can make you Taller?

What are some of the Protein Foods that can make you Taller

  • Beans are rich in iron and vitamin B. Beans dramatically increases the level of growth hormones in children.
  • Chicken is rich in Vitamin B12, which is crucial in helping kids grow tall and maintain the right height.
  • Quinoa- is classified as a complete protein and contains essential amino acids that your body requires.
  • Eggs- are considered a powerhouse of nutrition in your body. They also contain other essential minerals and vitamins that your body requires. Regular intake of eggs in your diet can help in increasing height.
  • Milk- is typically considered an essential component of a well-balanced diet. Milk supplies your body with essential nutrients, which are pretty crucial for bone health. Normally, milk helps to maintain growth and increase height in children.

Key Takeaway

Protein is quite an intrinsic nutrient to help grow tall for children or adolescents who are still in the developmental stage. However, adults can’t increase height as the bones have already fused and cannot grow anymore. Intake of proteins for adults helps in the building of more substantial muscles and boosting immunity. Remember, other factors such as genetic also influence how tall you can be. It is also essential to add additional critical nutrients to your diets, such as minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other supplements.

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