How Tall Is Emma Watson

Not sure how tall is Emma Watson? The young actress hailing from France is most famous for her role in the movie “Harry Potter” where she plays the character of Hermione Granger. Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson height is 5’5” and given the fact that she is already in her twenties any additional size increase is highly unlikely.


The city of Paris in France is the birthplace of Emma Watson. Her father Chris and mother Jacqueline separated when she was only 5 years old. Emma and her brother stayed their mother and together they relocated to the United Kingdom. After the breakup, Emma’s extended family members has increased since her mother and father each have found new companions in their life. Emma’s dad has a three kids; a boy named Toby as well as two girls Nina and Lucy. On the other hand her mom’s mate has 2 boys from his previous wife. The young actress wasted most of her childhood in the UK.

Early Life

Ever since Emma was 6 she wished to be an actress. For several years she studied Theatre Arts at Oxford, it is basically a semi professional theater college where Watson undertook studies in acting, singing and dancing. By the time Emma was eleven years old, the young talent had acted in several “Stagecoach” and plays, however she had under no circumstances acted professionally prior to the “Harry Potter” movie sequence. “I had no clue at all how serious the production will be,” the actress said during a mid 2007 interview.


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During the summer of 2010, Emma Watson was said to be starring in a movie version of “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. The production started in the summer months of 2011. What is more, Emma reported the news that she will show up in the video clip for the song “One Night Only” following an encounter with the George Craig during the 2010 Burberry marketing campaign. The first movie beside the “Harry Potter” series that Emma acted in was “My Week with Marilyn”. In the production she plays Lucy, the clothing assistant who has a relationship with Colin Clark – the main character. Watson has additionally indicated a desire for taking part in a musical.

In early 2009, the Japanese media claimed that Emma Watson was going to substitute Keira Christina Knightley and become the icon of the Chanel, however the news was dismissed by both Emma and Keira. During the month of July 2009, right after few weeks of uncertainty, Emma verified the fact that she could well be joining up with Burberry and be the face for the Winter 2009 advertising campaign. There are rumors that the actress was paid close to a million for her participation. In the month of February 2011, “The Elle” magazine presented Emma Watson with the “Style Icon” a prestigious award in the fashion industry. Emma carried on with her participation in fashion marketing and even said that she was picked to be the next face of Lancome.

You should have understood by now that the question “how tall is Emma Watson” is just a tiny spec in her life. Given the magnitude of acting skills I cannot wait to see the next movie with her in it.

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 Emma Watson height is 5’5″(165cm) Checkout other famous celebrity heights here.

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