How to grow taller at 16

As a teenager, you always wonder when your growth spurt is going to hit and fearing if you have finished puberty. The number one concern for any teenager in puberty is if they are going to grow taller. There is no word answer as there are many calculations and formulas that take place and many teenagers are different.

It is possible for teenagers to carry on growing all the way up to their 20s and even as late as their 25s. So the number one question is how to grow taller at 16.

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16 is a strange age when it comes to puberty because it could be the age that you finish puberty or even start puberty. Teenagers start puberty at different times. Some could finish early at 17 while others could grow up until their late 20s. There are however many ways for teens to combat this and are able to grow taller at 16.

Well, the best way to grow taller is by stopping yourself from stunting your growth.  Many teens are now becoming more irresponsible and are doing dangerous things which are damaging to their health and height. If you want to find out how to grow taller at 16, you must stop doing the following:


Smoking is dangerous for anyone’s health and it is highly recommended that you stop doing it or refrain from starting it. It can damage your lungs and your immune system meaning your body is affected in a bad way. This could slow down the production of testosterone and HGH which are key formulas to growing taller.

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Lifting weights that weigh more than you

There are conflicting thoughts about whether lifting weights could stunt the growth of a teenager. Some people would say it does while some would say it doesn’t. As a matter of fact, lifting weights could actually stunt your growth. Just not the way you expect it to. For example, if you lift weights that weigh more than yourself, you may pose a threat and stunt your growth as your body cannot handle the heavy weight you are lifting. This could put major weight on your spine which compresses and may lose inches.

This doesn’t mean however that you shouldn’t lift weights as there are some benefits of it which can actually increase your height. Lifting weights, in general, which do not weigh the same as you can actually increase production of testosterone and HGH which are both needed to increase height and muscle. This means that you are able to lift weights while also growing taller.

How to grow taller at 16

So what are the best ways to grow taller at 16? Well there are many ways to find out how to grow taller at 16. All of these methods are useful for teenagers still in puberty because they have open growth plates which still allow the growth to occur. Here are a few things you could do to grow taller at 16:

  • Have adequate sleep.
  • Sleeping without a pillow to allow posture to be corrected.
  • Lift decent sized weights to increase production of HGH and testosterone.
  • Eat a balanced diet which contains all proteins and Vitamin D which boosts growth.
  • Wear vertical striped clothes to appear taller.
  • Wear elevator shoes to boost your height by up to 5 inches without looking like you wear heels.
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These should help you decide how to grow taller at 16 as they contain all important and essential details which could boost your height by up to 1-4 inches naturally and safely

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