How Tall Is Adele

Wondering how tall is Adele – the young British songwriter and singer? Adele Laurie Blue Adkins or just Adele height is 5 feet 9 inches. It was musicians like Ella Fitzgerald together with Etta James that inspired and influenced the South London talent.

Working out is not sitting high on the singer to do list. She loves food and cannot be bothered about acquiring the “model” body. Being on the Playboy or Vogue cover is something Adele is not paying attention to, instead she has set her eyes on the Rolling Stone front page. The musician best describes herself as a singer rather than a socialite which explains her absence from the “red carpet” events.


Adele was born on 5th May 1988 in Tottenham, England to a mother that was in her teenage years and single none the less. Singing was something that the future musician started doing at the tender age of four. Spice Girls inspired the young star who would sing their hits all the time. At the age of nine Adele and her mother moved to Brighton, two years later they relocated to Brixton before finally setting in West Norwood. Even after leaving her Tottenham she still supports the Spurs.

Early Life

Adele graduated from the School of Technology and Performing Arts and quickly produced a couple of songs right after that. The knowledge and experience that she got from her teachers gave the young talent a much needed self confidence in skills. Having classmates like Jessie J and Leona Lewis did help Adele propel her voice to new heights. It is important to note that during her schooling the British singer had her sights at doing artists and repertoire, which is basically evaluating new talents and helping them start their career. This all changed when a she got a call from Xl Recordings after noticing her songs on the internet.

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Adele had already become a popular singer by 2004 and two years later she was known worldwide. In 2008 she was the first winner of the Brits Awards Critic’s Choice. For her album “21″ she did get voted as Favourite Billboard 200 No. 1. On November 7, 2011 the singer underwent a surgery in order to treat her condition – hemorrhaged. The surgery was a necessity as it has hindered the star and even made her to postpone her US tour. Billboard in the year 2011 named her the “Artist of the Year”. In the very same year she topped the list of singles artist and albums as the first female singer and made Billboard history.

Like most of the musicians nowadays Adele too opened a myspace, facebook and twitter accounts. It’s an important step to make as these social platforms helps the entertainer keep in touch with her loyal friends, update them on future plans and promote her like no other stage can.

Now that you know so much for this great talent are you still wondering how tall is Adele?

Adele height is 5’9”(175cm). Checkout other famous celebrity heights here.

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