How Tall Is Brad Pitt

Are you wondering how tall is Brad Pitt, one of the most famous is and celebrated Hollywood actors to ever live. When people see his face on the screens of their televisions or in the movies, his presence is undeniable. The phenomenal actor takes on many different roles and characters. And now answering your question – Brad Pitt’s height is 5 feet 11 inches.

He was born on the 18th of December 1963 with the name of William Bradley Pitt to his Baptist parents, William A. Pitt and Jane Etta Hillhouse, in Shawnee, Oklahoma. His father was the manager of a trucking company and his mother was a high school counselor. He is the eldest of three children, with a brother, Doug (born in 1966) and a sister, Julie (born in 1969).

Early Life

Not long after he was born, the Pitt family moved to Springfield, Missouri where Brad was raised as a devout Baptist and a good kid. He started appearing in public very young as a choir member in their church. He was also very much active in school. From sports, musicals, debates, to school government, he had a taste of it all. Brad Pitt was a member of Kickapoo High School’s various sports teams including swimming, golf, and tennis.

The future star was also a member of the Key and Forensic clubs.His love for movies was also shown early in his life where he watched the five films of Planet of the Apes in a single day. At college, he went to the University of Missouri where he majored in Journalism and also focused on Advertising. The young actor joined the Sigma Chi fraternity where he was able to show his acting skills in various fraternity shows. He dropped out of University with only 2 credits left in order to pursue his dreams as an actor. He left with for Los Angeles to jumpstart his Hollywood career.

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As he takes on acting lessons from Roy London while working hard on a number of part-time jobs, Brad Pitt finally got his break in the late 1980s. He appeared in different television programs including “Growing Pains”, “Dallas”, “21 Jump Street”, “Thirtysomething”, “Head of the Class”, “Freddy’s Nightmares”, “Glory Days”, and “The Image”. His appearances in films early in his career at that time included No Way Out, No Man’s Land, Less Than Zero, Too Young to Die, and Across the Tracks.

Brad Pitt’s first big recognition came when he played a supporting role in the 1991 film, Thelma & Louise. He was also recognized for his performance in the 1992 film, A River Runs Through It. After taking on several television and film roles, Brad Pitt’s fame started to soar from his role as the vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac in the film, Interview with the Vampire. Since then, he started to take on many different roles as his rise and popularity cannot be stopped. He made Legends of the Fall, Seven, 12 Monkeys, Meet Joe Black, The Fight Club, Snatch, Oceans film series, Troy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Babel, Burn After Reading, Inglorious Basterds, and more. Along the way, he also took with him several Golden Globe and Oscar nominations and awards.

Brad Pitt, at this point in time, with his many achievements, has earned his fame and reputation as one of the leading male actors in Hollywood history. Stop looking at how tall is Brad Pitt and just watch his movies and enjoy his talent.

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 Brad Pitt height is 5’11″(180cm) Checkout other famous celebrity heights here.

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