How To Grow Taller With Yoga

Yoga is a lifestyle which traces its origins from ancient India. This discipline is essentially a wellness practice that promotes physical and mental wellbeing. One of the most profound ways in which yoga improves physical wellness is through its capabilities of promoting height gains. It is however, important to note that height gain is primarily as a result of your bone structure. The bones that make up your skeleton act as the frame on which the body rests on.

This means that yoga cannot change the structure of your skeleton, it can only straighten your posture. It can also increase blood flow, keep your energy at an optimal level and do away with toxins which clog your digestive tract. All of these effects can increase the level of fluids found in the spinal cord and also fortify the cartilages and muscles responsible for excellent posture. Yoga can also enhance human growth hormone (HGH) release, particularly through the Pranayama asana (exercise), which is a deep breathing pose. Yoga asanas can be especially effective in height increment when executed in the right manner and on a regular basis. See also the side effects of human growth hormone therapy.

How To Grow Taller With Yoga: 5 Essential Poses

Let us now take a look at just how to grow taller with yoga and the asanas you need to integrate into your regular regimen.

Surya Namaskara pose

This asana has been practiced since time immemorial for a number of reasons. One of which is undoubtedly gaining height. Typically, the Surya Namaskara asana consists of a sequence of twelve varying postures. These particular yoga postures are required to be executed at least two times a day, ideally at sunrise and sunset.

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Hastapadasana pose

The Hastapasana pose is specifically designed for those individuals whose bodies’ upper portions are markedly shorter than their lower portions. This asana works on each area of the body from the head to the toes. Which makes sure that the practitioner can conveniently straighten their postures, and in effect grow taller.

Sukhasana pose

The Sukhasana yoga pose is also commonly referred to as the easy pose. It is the most basic asana in this discipline from which most other asanas are founded on. By practicing this exercise on a regular basis, it can prove to be an excellent means of how to grow taller with yoga in a natural manner. This is generally through its ability to enable you to effectually control your breathing, which like earlier stated, enhances HGH release in your body. The Sukhasana pose is also in a position of toning your lower back region as well as the hips area. This can usually boost significant height increments simply by decompressing your cartilages.

Chakrasana pose

The Chakrasana pose entails bending over in either the forward or backward stance. As such, it can greatly improve the elasticity of your spinal column and also make your body more flexible. Both of which are factors that can lead to significant height increments.

Talasana pose

Finally, the Talasana pose, which is also known as the mountain pose, can be an excellent way of how to grow taller with yoga in a hassle-free manner. Also read: Can homoeopathic medicine make you grow taller?. This naturally means that it is undeniably the simplest yoga pose you could undertake, and it can make your spine and limbs much more stronger. While at the same time, allowing your body to be more flexible.

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How To Grow Taller With Yoga in Summary

Yoga is one of an effective exercises that can make you grow taller, but yoga “alone” can’t make your dream comes true. There are still some various factors to increase height. If you do serious to increase your height, you better “Eat good food” and “exercise regularly”.

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