How Tall Is Cody Simpson

Are you having difficulties trying to pinpoint how tall is Cody Simpson? The fifteen years old Australian is one of the best up and coming singers on the planet. The absolutely huge following he has on the biggest social platforms is a sure sign of his great talent. Cody Simpson height is 5’11”.


Cody was born in 1997 on the 11th of January. His father Brad is an amateur musician and his mother Angie spends her time helping the not so fortunate in life. The Canadian star has a smaller brother called Tom and a younger sister by the name of Alli. Cody also happens to be a great swimmer. He already has finished first twice while competing at his hometown of Queensland.

Early Life

Cody was amazed how the music is capable of breaking all boundaries and connect people from all walks of life. Observing the way his father was able to bring joy and happiness to the people with the help of his guitar, the future teen idol demanded he gets on too.

In 2009 Cody Simpons made a decision to film himself while singing and upload those videos on YouTube. Soon after that the Canadian talent was noticed by the famous producer Mr. Shawn Campbell. Some of the popular musicians that have used his service are Chris Brown, Jaz-Z and Missy Elliott.


2010 saw Cody Simpson signing with Atlantic Records. Right after the deal his first ever single hit the music channels. The name of the track is “iYiYi” and features the well known rapper Flo Rida.

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Having permanently moved to Los Angelis, Cody started doing live shows. His “Campified” tour included over thirty locations. Mr. Simpson’s first Extended Play named “4 U” manage to reach the number 1 spot on Disney’s “Top Thirty Countdown”. Needless to say it was a huge success for the young artist.

The Canadian’s big breakthrough came with the help of his track “On My Mind”. It is the lead single from his second EP. The song stayed at the top of Radio Disney for days and also achieved nationwide recognition. The video for the track did quite well as well. Having been seen over nine million times on YouTube it gave Cody the much needed confidence boost.

Cody Simpson is always on the road. Even as I write this post the kid is out there promoting his latest work. Just during 2010 Cody participated in two separate tours. One being the “Middle School” and the other “Camplifted”.

During his 2011 live show in Sydney Cody was attacked with eggs while on the stage. Although the singer was not injured the managers decided to call it quits and not risk the health of their star. Another interesting aspect of Cody’s life is that he regularly appears on TV shows. Just in 2011 alone the artist featured in more than 10 productions.

That pretty much covers the life of the Canadian now US based celebrity. In case you still not sure how tall is Cody Simpson look below.

Cody Simpson height is 5’11″(180cm) Checkout other famous celebrity heights here.

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