How Tall Is Charlie Hunnam?

If you’ve ever watched even a single episode of the hit FX series Sons Of Anarchy, you’ve no doubt been bowled over by the darkly charismatic performance of the lead character Jax, played by Charlie Humman. And you’ve probably wondered just how tall he is. Well, as it turns out, Charlie Hunnam is 6′ tall!


Early Life


Born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1980, Hunnam was brought up by his mother Jane, a former ballet dancer, after his father left the family when he was only two years old. He and his family moved to Cumbria when Jane remarried. In what some might consider a foreshadowing of his rough and tumble TV role, Hunnam was actually expelled from Queen Elizabeth Grammar School for fighting. When it came time to pick a career path, Hunnam found himself drawn to the arts, and so enrolled in The Cumbria College of Art and Design in Carlisle. Having dreams of writing and directing his own films, he eventually graduated with degrees in film theory and film history.


But even before then, he had one foot in the world of the performing arts; when he was just 17, he was playing around with his older brother and was spotted by a talent scout for the childrens show Byker Grove. But that was just the beginning! From there, he was cast in a major role as Nathan on the classic British TV drama Queer as Folk, a role he wound up playing for a mere 10 episodes, but which shot him to new and unexpected levels of fame.

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In 2001, Hunnam made his debut on American television as transfer student Lloyd Haythe on the short-lived but much-loved college-set comedy series Undeclared. While that show only lasted one season, Hunnam was quickly able to parlay his talents onto the big screen starring in such films as Abandon with Katie Holmes, Cold Mountain with Jude Law and Nicole Kidman, and Children of Men with Clive Owen. In just a few short years he had gone from relative obscurity to holding his own with some of the biggest stars in the world!

And all this success eventually led to his claim to fame, the role of Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy. The show was a massive hit right out of the gate, and that has a lot to do with Hunnam’s brooding, intense performance, which he managed to maintain for seven seasons and 93 episodes.

While his leading man bonafides are undeniable after such a strong run, he hasn’t had quite as much success on the big screen. Movies like Pacific Rim, Crimson Peak and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, weren’t the blockbusters they should have been, even if all three have gained a sizeable cult following since their release. And even managed to win a couple of awards in the process, Male Star of the Year 2017 from CinemaCon and Best Global Emerging Actor from the Huading Awards in 2013.


If you’re still curious how tall Charlie Hunnam is, he’s 6’0″(183 cm).

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