Does Walking Make You Taller?

Why walking can increase your height and make you taller

Your growth and your height are products of various factors. It may be because of genes, diet, nutritional intake, and other environmental factors. Height is a crucial body part because it may influence your self-esteem, self-security, and emotional stability.

The goal of increasing your height requires substantial work physically, physiologically, and emotionally. These three aspects of the human body must align to achieve the desired outcome of the body’s appearance. To increase your height after a certain age specifically above 18 to 20 years takes a lot of effort because normally, the growth plates are closed. The body is already not able to change according to a specific response. It’s a good thing that there are still other things you can do to get chances of increasing your height. If not, at least would just make you look taller and have good posture. Even when you fail at increasing your height, there are alternative solutions for you to disguise your appearance. Normally, these are the most common solutions that every health magazines or blogs tell you to manage your magical growth:

  1. Eat a balanced diet
  2. Use supplements with caution
  3. Get the right amount of Sleep
  4. Be dynamic and active
  5. Observe good posture

The concepts of exercise are proven to be effective in aiding people to increase their height or look taller. But beyond that, there are specific exercises that are more effective compared to other forms of exercise. Yoga is a great recommendation by health professionals because it involves intense stretching, regulating the flow of body fluids, and normalizing the functions of the organs and tissues. Yoga is a healthy exercise where your posture can improve because it will return your current body conditions to its normal state.

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Beyond that, there are explanations why walking can make you taller and make your height look relevantly desirable. Aside from yoga, walking has also proven its benefits as an exercise to look taller if you have no chances of height increase.

Yes, it does walking makes you taller!

The fact that walking increases your strength especially in the arms, shoulders, and stomach, walking also affects the growth joints. Growth Spurts even in adults will be reactivated. Mostly during the morning, the stretching that your body does will allow the free-flowing of the fluid in the intervertebral discs of your spinal cord. The space between your vertebrae will allow your discs to expand from the compression and shrinkage. When your discs expand, it can then increase your height.

Some exercises that include stretching are:

  • Pelvic Shift
  • Low Lunge Arch
  • Side Stretch
  • Cobra Stretch
  • Vertical Bends
  • Standing Stretch
  • Swimming
  • Toe Lifts
  • Leg Kick
  • Cat Camel Backstretch
  • Planking

There are also some exercises that involve the benefits and accuracy of walking in increasing height and improvement of posture:

  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Hanging
  • Jumping
  • Single-Leg Hopping
  • Cycling
  • Downward-facing Dog

Why walking can increase your height and make you taller

I know you still wonder how do walking increase height, not only walking can increase your height or make you look taller. What exercise does to your body is it increases the flexibility of the spine. As the spine is challenged and worked out, it builds up the strength in your spinal muscles. With these activities of the body, it also stretches the leg muscles and simultaneously supports our body to shape up with the appropriate posture. With proper posture, the correct alignment of the body will sustain all bodily functions and parts that expand and grows.

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Yes, it is not a myth!

Exercise in general, not just walking will release growth hormones due to the activation of body fluids. With frequent walking activities and similar exercises such as running or jogging, the microfractures in your bones will be repaired. The bone microfractures in your lower ankle and shin area of the tibia will be stretched, and get ossified. This muscular and skeletal activity will increase your height because it releases specific nutrients and enhances the bone structure to bring positive changes in bone length and size.

Yes, walking does make you taller and look taller by making your body look leaner. There is a simple visual effect that it can bring to you by altering your shape to look healthier and slimmer. With the proper amount of exercise and walking, your body will attain a state of great proportion.

Clinically Proven To Make You Grow Taller

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