Does jumping make you taller?

Do you always think that jumping can’t be an excellent exercise to make your body taller? Any kind of high-intensity exercise can increase the level of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in our system. If this hormone is present in the body, it will help us get taller due to its cell division property within two or three months of practice. If you are not gaining height after the age of 16 years, there are very few chances for you to get new inches on your body. While some people face deficiency in HGH production, most often, they don’t follow any proper diet plan or exercise routine to improve their condition. Without harming yourself with any harmful artificial products, you can get new heights if you are prepared to do some exercises. Jumping is one of the efficient ways to increase the HGH level in your body. So, read on further to know how jumping can help you grow taller without any side effects.

Types of jumping exercises that can make you taller

1) Running/Jogging

Joggers are often known for their tall stature, which is directly proportional to the intensity and duration of their exercise. Running or jogging can be a great way to increase height instantly. If you want quick results, running should be done 2-3 times a week for 45 minutes each time. You may also include 4-5 interval exercises and this session to prepare yourself for other exercises. People who have already started showing signs of aging should avoid this exercise.

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2) Jumping rope

Jumping rope is an advanced version of running or jogging exercise. It can be done by people between 4-6 years of age; otherwise, children should not do this exercise as it will harm their growth plates, and they may not be able to show desired results after doing this. Like running, jumping rope also helps increase height for little kids and teens who are short in stature. You can try 10 minutes of jumping rope session each day with the proper interval before starting other exercises on the list.

3) High Knees Exercise

Readymade knee bands can help you to do high knees exercise easily while sitting in front of your computer, especially while watching television along with some cola or your favorite drink. To do this exercise, you need to place one knee band around each knee of your leg and lift it as high as you can. Do not bend your knees while the entire weight is on your feet. If you are doing this for the first time, then stick to 20 seconds session with 10 second interval before starting the next exercises on the list.

4) Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are known for increasing height instantly. This jumping jack variation includes stretching both arms upwards at the same time until they touch each other, then stretch downwards towards thighs, and finally land on the ground by bending slightly so that all toes come down flat on the floor along with another foot. Repeat the process alternatively with each leg without touching the floor with the other foot. You can start this exercise by doing ten jumps each leg, once a day, with a proper stretching session before this. This helps in increasing height instantly without any side effects.

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5) Squat jumping

As you have already realized that jumping helps increase height naturally, squat jumping is one of the best exercises to instantly increase your height. If you are above 18 years of age, you can try this exercise to show desired results within 2-3 months of regular practice without leaving any harmful effects on the body. Try to jump as high as possible while coming out from the squat position and land on the same position again with feet shoulder-width apart for maximum benefits during workouts. To do this exercise, stand straight, keeping feet together, and lift your hands to touch the sky.

6) Side to side jumps

This is similar to jumping jacks but with slight variation in exercise methods. Just like jumping jacks, lift your legs high and bring them down by touching ground together; however, do this sideways instead of straight forward or backward while keeping feet shoulder-width apart for maximum benefits during workouts. You can start this exercise by doing 20 seconds each leg without involving upper body parts.

7) Sideways Squat Jumps

If you cannot jump high enough even after regular practice of squat jumps, then try sideways squat jumps once. This will help you increase height quickly because it targets the upper thighs where growth plates are located that affect your height instantly during the puberty stage is triggered correctly. You can simply start this exercise by doing 10 seconds each leg with a 2-3 hours gap between exercises for effective results.

jumping exercises that can make you taller


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So does jumping make you taller? Jumping is a great way to increase your height, but it’s important to remember that you can’t change how much bone marrow you’ve got! If the only thing holding you back from being super tall is not having enough growth in your bones and spine, then there are other ways to get taller.

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