Does Calcium Make You Taller

There is no doubt almost everyone aims to become tall growing up. Regardless of the age, there are times people who are shorter tend to become envious of their friends who are gifted in the height department. It is a word of mouth saying people tend to stop growing once they reach the age of 18. Although this might be the case for the majority of people, there are still those who continue growing after their coming of age.

Can calcium help you grow taller?

One common thing parents usually tell their children to help them grow taller is to drink milk. This is because milk is the easiest source of calcium. Which brings up the question: can calcium help you grow taller? According to, calcium does indeed help you grow taller as it is important for bone growth. Having an adequate amount while growing up can help a child gain health.

However, there are some cases that teenagers get frustrated with their height, particularly among boys and when height is compared between their friend groups. This is why many of them are looking for ways to grow taller. However, in most cases, one’s height can be genetic. Most teens usually reach their full growth during their puberty years. Everyone is different and most of the time, those within the same age group don’t go through puberty all at the same time which results in the height difference.

There are many ways to try and boost your height when you think you have reached the end of your growth spurt. According to an answer on, genes are a major factor when it comes to one’s height.

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Can calcium help you grow taller?

Other ways to help your growth.

Calcium indeed helps you boost your growth as you reach your full height. However, this is only possible if you do intake the right amount while growing up. Other than calcium and genes, there are also other factors that could help with your growth.

According to Healthline, eating a proper diet during your growing years is important. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, other sources of calcium, and protein are important in your diet. While you would need to avoid eating sugar, trans fat, and saturated fat.

Proper sleep is also very important. There is a reason why parents usually tell their younger children to go to bed early and this is because it really does help with their growth. The proper amount of sleep varies between ages but teenagers within the range of 14 to 17 should get at least eight to ten hours of sleep. While it is recommended for those between the ages 18 and 64 to have seven to nine hours of sleep.

Posture and exercising.

Another aspect that can affect your height is your posture. Make sure to always keep your back straight since crouching can affect your overall height in the future. There are also various exercises that can help you get and maintain a good posture that can help with your height.

In conclusion, there are various factors to help your growth including proper intake of calcium, genetics, diet, and exercising. Once you reach a certain age, there is no easy way to add on to your height. Proper management is the key to attain your desired height.

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