How Tall Is Deena

Wondering how tall is Deena from Jersey Shore? The “blast in a glass” Deena height is just 4’10”. The former 23 years old waitress is the newest and probably last addition to the MTV reality show. What is interesting is that during the casting for the first season she was denied access to the show. But thanks to the drop out of another member Deena got the call to join the house.

Deena and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast are currently filming in Seaside Height, New Jersey the latest season which is also rumoured to be the last one. The New Jersey native describes herself as a party in a body, and claims to the associated press that she has brought a lot of energy into the house.


Deena Nicole Cortese was born on January 12th, 1987, and is the only one of the cast of Jersey Shore to actually be born in New Jersey. She has no official nickname although “meatball” is a moniker she goes by. Ms. Cortese is a former cheer leader on the chair squad at Brook Dale Community College.

Early life

Deena was born to parents of mixed heritage, both Italian and American. New Egypt was the High School she graduated from. Like most of the New Jersey school girls and boys, also attended Community College by the name of Brookdale. By being such a fun loving and friendly person she is, Deena got the opportunity to join the rest of the Jersey Shore crew.


Deena Nicole Cortese first job was as a waitress in a local bar. All changed when her best friend Nicole Polizzi joined the MTV reality show. In the second season Deena joins her best friend and the party start going. The mega successful reality is now into its season 5 and each cast member of the serial has become famous. The young Cortese, being a party loving person, has got herself into the good books of the other cast, and is getting along well in the serial. She has replaced Angelina Pivarnick, who has left the show for a music career.

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Although there are few controversies surrounding her such as drugs and alcohol abuse the fun loving star remains a fan favourite. So stop thinking how tall is Deena and keep watching that crazy show.

 Deena height is 4’10″(147cm) Checkout other famous celebrity heights here.

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