How Tall Is Ashton Kutcher

If you are smitten by his histrionics and wondering how tall is Ashton Kutcher, you are one of those thousands who love the 32 year old for his unparalleled stardom and appeal. Kutcher is known for his movies like Just Married, What happens In Vegas and many more. His height is approximately 5’11.  Ashton Kutcher is married to Demi Moore, 48, and the couple doesn’t seem to have enough of each other.

He has a screen presence that most actors of his age fail to match. His hard work and efforts are the prime reasons why he is such a celebrated star and why girls around the globe die to get his glimpse. Going by his current work status, his status as a star and performer will only escalate.


Born in Cedar Rapids, Aston Kutcher was born to Larry Kutcher and Diane. His father was a factory worker and his mother was an employee of Proctor and Gamble. He also has a fraternal twin, Michael sand a sister Tausha. Kutcher’s brother had a heart transplant and Kutcher himself had said he doesn’t want to hear bad news about his brother when he returns home. Kutcher had attended Washington High school and also been in University of Iowa for learning biochemistry.  He got a chance to participate in Fresh Faces of Iowa. Also he got a chance to go to New York City for International Modeling and Talent Association and after which he soon dropped college.

Early Life

Kutcher started his career as a model and rose to highest bars of his profession. He has done ads for many known brands like Calvin Klein and has been a part of many shows in the fashion capital Milan. His first break came in the form of That ’70s Show where he portrayed Michael Kelso in 1998. The show was a huge hit and continued till 2006.  Kutcher has worked in many movies like A lot like love, Just Shoot me and so on.

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Kutcher has not just been an superb actor and model, but also has been a successful producer as well. He has appeared in comedies mostly like Dude, Where’s My Car?, Just Married and Guess Who. Kutcher also produced MTV’s Punk’d and also hosted the show. Beauty and the Geek, Adventures in Hollywood are some of his produced ventures. His last production was Killers where he played Spencer Aimes. He was also a part of the assemble cast of Valentine ’s Day. His last release was No Strings Attached and he has also replaced troubled star Charlie Sheen in Two and Half Men. On his social networking aspect, he is the first celebrity to have crossed 1,000,000 followers on the micro-blogging site Twitter beating even CNN.

Kutcher continues to work in movies and television he truly believes in. Replacing Charlie Sheen is a great step which will not just demand him to prove himself and also he might have to face the harsh media comparisons. If ‘How tall is Ashton Kutcher’ is still your question, look at his mettle before measuring his height!

Ashton Kutcher height is 5’11″(180cm)

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